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Happy birthday Jesus

What an awesome day it was,Can you imagine the day Christ was born?

Do you ever  picture yourself there?

I often wonder what it would of been like if I where there!

Do you?     Remember what Jesus told his disciples?

You will do far greater things than I have done, (he was speaking of the miracles performed)

Do  you know?,

that we have done greater miracles today?

People would pass under Paul’s  shadow just in hopes to be healed,

the man walked with God,and he was in constant prayer to him.

We have to send ourselves on those types of journeys  to.

We have to dare to believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins and was risen on the third day for us ,so that we may live through him, happiness and joy,

People all through history have made great sacrifices for freedom,religion,

speech , for racial equality,many have died and suffered for these things

We ass Christians have a duty,to right the wrongs, in our lives and in our governments,

How you may ask?

Well wee can change our Government by voting, running for political offices

and supporting Government standards that we believe in.

Righting wrongs in your own lives ?well that is  a personal matter between you and God,and what ever parties are involved,but always know that you must make things right,if you yourselves have done something wrong,it is

your duty to make it right, If you have to forgive some, or if  some one has to forgive you, Go to that person or persons and make it right..

Remember , That if you do not forgive those who have done you wrong

God will not forgive you for what you have done wrong.

Also remember  We as Christians are not of the world we are different from the rest of the people we have taken off the old man and put on the new.

We are different because God has called us to be so.

If we do things as Christians ,that we could not do as non believers,

hen we have done our duty,Like forgiving others,helping others,being the piece makers that God has called us to be…

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