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the many faces of Christians!

I sometimes wonder why you can not tell an American Christian from any other American?
I walk down the isles in a store and I wonder how many of these people know Jesus?
Or how many of these people think they know Jesus?
Do you know Jesus, if you do I think you can answer some of these questions I have for you.
Are you ready to see if you know Jesus ?All you have to do is ask yourself a few questions!!
First of all do you have compassion for others?
When you are meeting some one for the first time ,do you tell them about Jesus?
Do you carry your bible with you every where you go?
Do you talk to strangers about Jesus?
Do you forgive the people that have ever done you wrong?
Do you pray day and night for every one you know?
Do you put others before yourself?
Do you thank God for everything you have ,even when you have nothing?
These are a few questions I came up with ,if you have some questions and would like to post them here please do so.
Also I would love to here your opinions on why American Christians look like any other American?

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  1. October 14, 2013 at 11:26 pm

    Hi Robert,
    Those were some very good questions you asked. Of course it is going to sound a little like bragging if we are Christian and we do those things you asked about. So I just suffice it to say that Jesus has told us that if we love him, we should obey his commandments. Of course his commandments are not burdensome. What is burdensome about loving your neighbor as yourself. What is burdensome about abiding in Jesus. What is burdensome about praying for others? What is burdensome about sharing your faith. Now that seems a little bit hard, you know sharing your faith. So I found some easy ways to do it.
    I tell people that Jesus loves them. God will always give you a person who wants to question or hear more if you say this to 10 people a week. You will find one who wants to hear more.
    Another thing you can do is read your bible in a public place. Again some who want to share that they are a Christian will talk to you and others will just be intrigued. One more thing that is easy to do is to share thoughts about Jesus or his Kingdom or a love principle on social media. There are endless possibilities to do this. Go to any youtube video and read the comments then make positive comments about Jesus to the commenters.
    f someone who works 40 to 50 hours a week but still wants to know how to share the good news with someone else. Take two 20 minute sessions a week doing this ministry of social media and pretty soon you will have some regular sessions sharing with ones you have met.
    Take it from one who has done all the above. I have done everything I shared with you for several years and they are all good ways to share our Lord Jesus. We will act and be different than just Americans.

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